Negotiate; 'win-win'.

Be that person who strikes the best deals - all the time. Our program will teach you how to become a master negotiator.

The reality is, negotiation is a part of our daily living experience. In the course of buying and selling simple goods, we negotiate. When buying a home, investment property or a car, we negotiate. And in a more subtle manner, in our social interactions, we negotiate with our family, friends and colleagues (even when we're pushing the case to go to our restaurant of choice).

Successful negotiation is the art of discussion and persuasion. It is fundamentally about two things:

  1. understanding others and being understood, and convincing others that your offering achieves the mutual goals of all concerned; that you are offering a 'win-win' solution; and
  2.  'on-boarding' others to your vision of mutual success and having people buy in to your vision.

Our Negotiation Mastery Program will equip you with skills that will make you a better negotiator - 100% guaranteed - so you can demonstrate and sell that 'win-win'. You will be able to apply your master negotiator skills to many scenarios. 

You learn will learn how to strike better outcomes and get better deals at every level from: running a corporate takeover deal to salary discussions, buying your next home or car, or bargaining prices and works with tradespeople or contractors.

The Negotiation Mastery Program is a synthesis of well compiled and digested research from the world's best available resources. Our team has meticulously examined the leading literature on negotiation, case studies from the world's best business schools including Harvard Business School at Harvard University, papers from PhDs on the art of negotiation (including the late Dr Chester L Karrass, toted as one of the world's eminent negotiation experts in his time), and we have studied documented findings from international political negotiations (for example, the dispute in Ghana over the mining of precious minerals, and disputes around forming a new government in Afghanistan in the recent post-war period). We have also drawn on the experience and expertise of Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers and litigators from the top law firms in Australia. 

Human beings are born to negotiate our way through life - and successful negotiators achieve extraordinary results. Nelson Mandela is a fine example of someone who was able to negotiate his way through seemingly insurmountable barriers to achieve remarkable things for his country and for the world. 

Give yourself the edge and add this incredible skill to your armoury!

Our Negotiation Mastery Program is delivered online and in-person. Our next intake dates will be released soon.

“In business, as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”
— Dr. Chester L. Karrass