A world-leading in-person experience.

The MPA System is 100% guaranteed to make you a better public speaker.

Public speaking is one of the most fundamental arts in our human experience. Whether it is making presentations in an academic context, pitching a business idea, raising awareness for an important cause, or speaking at an important social occasion, we are constantly presented with opportunities to express ourselves - and to shift hearts and change lives.

The myth is: some people are born with the 'gift of the gab' and others are simply not.

The truth is: anyone who is willing can learn, develop and master the powerful skill of public speaking. 

We help you to crush your obstacles and bravely conquer challenges with a systematic approach and a well developed sense of core confidence.

The MPA System is our cornerstone product. We live for this. Our program has been painstakingly blueprinted and crafted down to every detail. It is the result of years of research, testing and learning from the world's best public speaking coaches (including attending hours and hours of classes with coaches based in the United States and United Kingdom). Our course is designed specifically to help you become an amazing public speaker.

Another truth is: we all have to deal with nerves - the anxiety of speaking in front of a crowd (and feeling vulnerable and naked). The MPA System deals with this head-on, so you can turn your nervous energy into a propeller of confidence and power.

We also draw on the study of acting, theatre and live performance and mesh these arts with the strategy, calculation and precision of legal practice to create a unique formula using the latest thinking - we believe we have created a world-leading experience for developing confident, impactful and successful public speakers.

The best news is: after completing the MPA program, you will become better speaker - 100% guaranteed! You will be challenged, but you will make real, solid progress in each class. We have made sure to design the system in a way where you will look forward to smashing through your obstacles, and enjoying the conquests.

The end result is: you will transform into someone who is confident and capable of delivering engaging and impactful talks.

The MPA System is delivered online and in-person. Our next intake dates will be released soon.

We call it, Masterful Public Address. 

β€œAll the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


The MPA program content has been specifically crafted to enable you to become the best public speaker you can be - full of confidence, with a vast bank of tools & skills, and with meticulous precision and technique. The MPA System covers:

  • How to find your unique voice
  • How to make your idea crystal clear for the audience 
  • How to organise your material thoughtfully and logically
  • How to tell great stories
  • How to inject rhetoric, humour and poetry into your work
  • How to crush your anxiety and nerves
  • How to rehearse effectively 
  • How to handle contingencies, Q&A and distractions
  • How to master improv 
  • How to open with confidence and close with impact