Objectivity, precision, intelligence.

The ability to digest complex data into useable information is a vital leadership skill.

Thinking critically requires a process of objective analysis and evaluation before forming a rational, logical and clear conclusion. Our critical thinking program is designed to enable and develop clear, precise and intelligent thinkers.

We teach our students to use logic and reason to formulate perspectives and to tackle problem solving. We teach students how to gather and marshal relevant information, how to use evidence to substantiate a thesis or position, how to work with unstated assumptions and generalisations, how to comprehend and use language with accuracy, clarity and discernment and how to render accurate judgements.

Our perspectives on critical thinking are not limited to pure or crude rationality and reason, at the expense of subtle, experiential learning or other influences on human thought, but are open to methods and processes of cognition springing from various traditions and schools.

Our Critical Thinking Program is delivered online and in-person. Our next intake dates will be released soon.

“Don’t raise your voice - improve your argument.”
— Desmond Tutu CH