Calm your nerves. Win your audience. Drive your message.

Public speaking is something that makes many people uncomfortable; even highly intelligent and highly skilled individuals.

So many of our clients are successful, established and confident professionals - but public speaking is just “not their thing”.

We have found that this can hold people back in their career progression - promotions, leadership roles and public-facing engagements are often handed to those who can “talk the talk”. The “gift of the gab” is a powerful tool, particularly when you can use it to influence a broader circle. Communication, and in particular, public speaking is a life-changing skill.

We are here to tell you: we will help you master it.


Our program is named “Mastering Public Address”. Once you complete it, you will be a far more effective communicator, and equipped with the skills, confidence and tools to deliver amazing public presentations, speeches and talks; well-prepared or even improvised.

Our program is delivered in-person (at our offices in Melbourne's CBD).


We work with professionals in the fields of professional services including legal, accounting, banking, management consulting, tax professionals, risk managers, as well as medical doctors, physiotherapists, surgeons and other medical professionals. We also work with executive-level professionals, project managers, IT professionals, marketing and advertising executives, retail and sales consultants, customer experience consultants, analysts, engineers, architects, financial planners and many more.

We also work with people at all experience levels. For example, recently we have seen a lot of demand for our Interview Skills Mastery program from graduate-level candidates (including some university students applying for internships) alongside our usual mix of experienced professionals (including those who are looking at promotion, role change, industry change or career change).

Less frequently, we work with high-level c-suite executives (these roles tend to come up less often than entry-level and mid-level roles).


You will learn and master:
- How to think like an interviewer
- How to navigate your own CV
- How to express your unique story in a compelling and impactful way
- How to respond to common and uncommon questions
- How to best approach different interview formats (eg panel, one-to-one, formal, group sessions etc)
- How to successfully sell yourself and your skills in a confident, persuasive and charming manner

We FIRMLY BELIEVE our program is the gold standard for MASTERING PUBLIC SPEAKING. 

We have consulted various recruitment firms and HR agencies, and we continually improve our program with their consultation and counsel in mind, and they have commented that our Interview Mastery program:
- gives candidates "an unfair advantage"
- "sets candidates up for success"
- "drills down interviewing to a science and a fine art"
- "teaches the subtle behavioural elements of human psychology that are pivotal and potent"
- the content "is absolutely cutting-edge and cleverly delivered"